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How do You Share Yoga with Teenagers During a Pandemic?

Teaching Teenagers Yoga during a Pandemic How do you share yoga with teenagers during a pandemic?  This is not a question we would have ever considered relevant prior to last March.  When schools closed for in-person learning and many governors enacted stay-at-home orders, we were all faced with a new reality. At the time, I was teaching yoga to three classes of middle schoolers at Mountain Academy in Jackson, WY. Our classes changed to an online format and my s... Read More..

My Fall

A couple of days ago, I took a major fall.  I hit the ground HARD as I was taking a light jog. I had shared this news with friends and dear yoga students this week. And, I am sorry it caused alarm.  What I meant to convey is that I had a shock to my system that was a lightning rod experience.  It was a noticeable event that made me very alert.  Thankfully, I was not seriously hurt.  Here’s the story. My plan was to enjoy a sunrise mellow run around Je... Read More..

Be Better In Your Body with Christy

Are you wanting to be better in your body...You know movement is good for you and you probably already incorporate some form of exercise and/or yoga in your life.  Do you realize your potential?  Do you challenge your balance, explore range of motion and strengthen the places where you’re weak?I can help you reach new levels of ability, no matter what your age.  You can feel better and move better.  My method of working with the body integrates mindful movement with... Read More..

Zoom Classes with Christy at the Yoga Barn

I am starting online yoga classes in the Yoga Barn using zoom April 6.  Soon, I will have WiFi in the yoga barn and a big screen so I can see everyone participating.This will be so awesome to re-engage with past students and friends, to accommodate my local quarantined students, and to connect with new people.  I was recently described as a "fabulous and fun teacher" by my student here in Jackson Hole who had taken several months of classes with me.   My classes will include... Read More..

Improve Your Teen Yoga Teaching Perspective

We had a successful zoom call on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.  It was sweet to connect with other teen yoga teachers.  I presented a few points on how make a teen yoga class meaningful, how to make it fun and how to help teens make the practice their own.  We all agreed that we were uplifted by the connection. We will be doing these virtual meetups again… I love learning who is out there and I am happy to offer up what I’m learning in my classroom.Purpose of the... Read More..


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