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Insight on SUP Yoga and Teens

By Christy Brock Miele Did you ever avoid something because it WAS trending?  SUP Yoga is hot right now.  If you doubt the challenge or enjoyment of it, I challenge you to give it a try.I've enjoyed Stand Up Paddleboards ("SUP"'s) since 2007 when my husband and I bought two boards.  What fun to be on the ocean, connecting to nature.  I regularly go out on my 10 ' SUP, usually with a friend.  I've even learned to surf with it, which makes catching small waves a treme... Read More..

The New York Times Calls Yoga 4 Teens Instructor's Guide a Popular Manual

In the context of reporting about Jaysea DeVoe, a 13-year-old yoga teacher from Southern California, our Instructor's Guide gets a mention by The New York Times. The article reports Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor's Guide to Teaching Yoga to Teenagers to be a “popular manual”, which is a boost for teen yoga and teen yoga teachers everywhere.YogaMinded is pleased to see Jaysea making a difference in her community.  Articles that highlight her teaching serve to role model... Read More..

3 Easy Ways for Teen Yoga Teachers to Include A Group Dynamic

Teenagers are particularly attuned to social dynamics.  This aspect of their nature should not be overlooked by teen yoga teachers."Adult yoga" is experienced both inwardly and individually.  However, teenagers love to enjoy and relate to each other.  Though it need not be noisy or even include talking, there are many easy ways that teen yoga teachers can teach to the group dynamic.Here are 3 Simple Ways to Include a Group Dynamic to Teaching Yoga to Teenagers:Discu... Read More..

10 Things I Would Say to Teenagers About Yoga

By Christy Brock MieleI'm a believer in knowing the big picture.  If someone asks me to do something, I do a lot better when I understand WHY I am doing it. When my daughter struggles with her homework, I explain that her frustration is a sign that she is building her brain "muscle" and strengthening her ability to learn. (For more, see Mindset by Carol Dwek.)  Because she understands the benefit of the struggle and how the process unfolds, she can continue her work without... Read More..

A Busy Mom's Secret Escape

It was a busy day, a busy week, a busy month, a busy life.  I can choose to be less harried, though that choice is often obscured by the tasks before me. I made a choice yesterday that I want to share and celebrate.  First, here’s a little more background to lead you to today’s short story. The tasks for taking care of my two daughters (ages six and two), my husband, and our home are never-ending.   Ordinarily, I joyfully engage in what has to be done because my eyes are o... Read More..


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