Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Package, A Video Course, Instructor's Guide, and More for Teen Yoga Certification

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Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Package, A Video Course, Instructor's Guide, and More for Teen Yoga Certification 

Who Should Take This Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Course?

  • Yoga teachers interested in organizing classes for teenagers.
  • Teen yoga teachers who want to improve their classes.
  • Teachers who want to offer yoga in their school or program.
  • Yoga practitioners who want to create a yoga class for teenagers.
  • Parents who love yoga and want to start a teen yoga class.
  • Coaches & PE teachers looking to improve team flexibility, teamwork, focus, relaxation and more.
  • Dance & theater teachers looking to improve student flexibility, teamwork, focus, relaxation and more.
  • Supervisors & social workers to teens at-risk for programs providing teen relief and empowerment.
  • Anyone who is interested in teaching yoga to teenagers!

About the Course:

This course prepares adults for how to teach teenagers yoga.  Broken up into 9 sessions, Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Video Course is a 15 hour commitment using session outlines & proprietary material, streaming video discussions, and follow-up quizzes to get you certified and ready for teaching yoga to teenagers.

It is geared for adults who enjoy their yoga practice and want to reach teenager in a profound way, through yoga that is meaningful and fun for teenagers.

Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training, A Video Course for Teen Yoga Certification Includes:

  • YogaMinded Teen Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.
  • 15 hours of CCE credits with Yoga Alliance.
  • Access to streaming learning videos for the nine-session course. (Videos vary from 20-65 minutes)
  • UNLIMITED access to the content for the nine-session course, 3-10 topics per session with NO EXPIRATION DATE.
  • 60 minute sample class of Christy teaching yoga to teenagers (streaming video) plus post-class discussion.
  • 16 separate downloadable handouts with detailed preparation for the teen yoga classroom.
  • Nine quizzes, one for each module of learning.
  • Personal feedback and grading of the quizzes by the course instructor, Christy Brock Miele

Accompanying Resources:

Purchase of the course also includes the following products, streaming videos, logos, and ebooks, an additional value of $400:

Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, the  leading resource worldwide for teaching teenagers yoga. Co-authored by Christy Brock Miele and Jennifer Lightsey, this book is a three part, 230-page spiral-bound book and a complete "how to teach" guide.  Classroom management is discussed in details, categories of yoga poses are analyzed for their relevance and application to a teen audience, and sample classes are provided.  The first four limbs of yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama) are explored in detail for how they may be related to teenagers.   Customers are 100% satisfied with this book.  Some reviews include:

"The book is a fantastic reference and tool that you will use over and over."
"The Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers is a wonderful way to learn the unique techniques of teaching teens."
"This book has become my yoga training Bible!"

Teaching Teenagers Yoga eBooks (Volumes 1,2, 3). The Teaching Teens Yoga ebooks offer general advice, reflections and teaching tips as they apply to the teen yoga classroom.   Innovative teen yoga teachers are featured in interviews and articles which provide descriptions of their philosophies and classrooms. Collectively, the eBook series contains over 200 pages with more than 50 articles.  Be inspired by the short articles and vignettes as well as highlights of over 20 teen yoga teachers.

YogaMinded White T-Shirt. These shirts for women are made of a 50/50 cotton blend. Soft and form-fitting (not baggy), they are especially good to wear while practicing yoga with teenagers, as one can explain the "yoga 4 teens" YogaMinded logo.

Yoga4Teens DVD.  Instructional, informative, and inspirational, this DVDis perfect for teenagers, parents of teenagers, and anyone interested in conducting a teen yoga class. Benefits of the poses, reminders while practicing, and Sanskrit names of the poses are included.  Yoga Journal calls Yoga 4 Teens a "dandy practice companion" and an " informative how-to-teach-teens manual for yoga teachers who work with (or hope to work with) this age group."  This streaming video contains a one-hour instructional class, a 40-minute practice flow, and a special interview section with teenagers.

Classroom Videos. These three streaming videos provide a rare glimpse into authentic yoga classrooms with talented and experienced teen yoga teachers.  They are edited with voiceovers to alert teen teachers of poignant observations in teaching style and substance.  Each video is about 20 minutes in length.

Webinar Presentation.  A recorded presentation with powerpoint slides via streaming video, this one hour teen yoga training covers principles and practicalities of handling teen yoga classrooms that can be applied to any teen teaching situation. 

"Awesome! You covered so much in this presentation and gave some great examples."
"Thank you, Christy.  Your webinar was helpful for me to achieve my goal of getting started for a new class series I'm going to offer teens next month.  I learned many applicable points specific to teaching teens and I feel more prepared and even excited.  I'd recommend this webinar for anyone interested in teaching yoga to a teen population."

Details of the Course

For each of the nine sessions of learning, a student reviews 2-4 pages of online content, watches the streming video (which vary in length from 20-65 minutes), then takes a quiz before moving on to the next session. The course instructor (Christy) receives your quiz and returns it with feedback to your answers. Upon completing all nine sessions, students view the concluding video and can proudly display their YogaMinded Yoga for Teens Training certificate, as well as count your hours toward yoga alliance credentials.
The online course parallels the training of five women who were filmed taking the course.  Their questions and comments are worthwhile and the conversations we have with each lesson are rich and interesting.

Different than a traditional weekend training, the online course allows for the advantage of being able to take the lessons on your own time. Once purchased, you can view the course and study the material as many times as you like.  

Subjects & Course Topics Covered

The modules of learning were designed to help teen yoga teachers get a strong foundation for effective teen yoga teaching.

  1. How Teens Need, Respond to, and Benefit from Yoga

We set up the big picture in this introductory session, discussing the stresses that abound for teens, the benefits that yoga provides, and how teenagers are apt to respond.  We will take a detailed look of unique behavioral characteristics of a yoga classroom of teenagers, as compared to adults and children.  Additionally, the importance of recent adolescent brain research is highlighted as it relates to the teen yoga classroom.

  1. Preparing for Teaching

In the second session, Preparing for Teaching, we review in detail essential principles for being a successful teen yoga teacher. We discuss what teaching mindsets will get teens to positively respond, both in terms of classroom behavior as well as getting them to embrace the yoga practice as their own. This session seeks to empower teachers by orienting them towards a teen teaching mindset.

  1. Reminders Before Teaching

The purpose of this teaching session, Reminders before Teaching, is to provide essential coaching tips to create a meaningful teen yoga class. Basically, this session covers the last minute pep talk as well as a detailed guideline summary before teaching teens yoga. In this session, we seek to establish immediate and lasting connection with students and to consider creating a safe classroom for teaching yoga poses.

  1. Class Begins

This session, Class Begins, provides a teen yoga teacher with tools and ideas of how to approach the first half of a yoga class.  Certain yoga poses and lots of teaching techniques are discussed to get class started in a way that engages teen interest, while also setting a peaceful and respectful tone.  Several fun teaching games are shown that keep teen's attention and expand their interest and curiosity.  Expect your teen teaching toolbox to get filled in this learning module.

  1. Class is Under Way

In the Class is Under Way session, the methodology of engaging teen interest in the yoga poses is further explored. In addition, six different teacher assists are shown which teen teachers can employ to improve their student’s posture and sensitize them to the healthy actions the yoga poses require. Also covered are the most important restorative poses for teenagers.  In this module, your approach to teaching teens will be better informed, options for safe touch and adjustments may inspire you, and the quiet relaxation of restoratives will beckon your teen teaching.

  1. Partner and Group Poses

The session on Partner and Group Poses provides background information and explains the benefits of each.  Fundamentals for teaching are explained and the video lesson shows eight partner poses and six group poses that have proven to delight teenagers.  Our participants experience these poses together (for the first time) and you can learn how to apply these poses in your own classroom.  Partner and group poses are especially important for the teen demographic, given their social nature.

  1. Breath Awareness and Breathing Techniques

In the Breath Awareness session, we discuss effective ways to introduce breath awareness to teenagers. The top four breathing techniques to introduce to teens are reviewed, along with a talk about including meditation in the teen classroom.

  1. Incorporate Yoga Philosophy

Essential to teaching yoga to teenagers is yoga philosophy and how to lead teens toward gratitude, self-reflection, self-acceptance, and compassion. In the Yoga Philosophy session, we discuss subtle and overt ways to do just that. Many insights are to be gained in this conversation for how a teen teacher might bring yoga philosophy to life in her/his classroom.

  1. Teen Yoga Class and Post-Class Discussion

In the session Teen Yoga Class and Post-Class Discussion, Christy teaches a full hour-long yoga class to four teenage girls. Students will see the principles and practicalities of teaching teenagers yoga in action and will gain insight and appreciation for how they actually work in the teen yoga classroom. A rich and thorough review of the teen class is given in the post-class discussion.  Course takers will be asked to consider what insights are to be gained from the viewing.

Time Commitment

12-15 hours is an approximate estimate for time to complete the training. The time allotted accounts for preparation, watching each session video, and quiz taking for each of the modules.  Preparation for each session includes reading the course content, downloading any tables and charts including in that session, study time, and completing preparatory work.   The streaming video for each session varies from 20-65 minutes and totals six hours ten minutes.  The quiz at the end of each session involves approximately 30 minutes.  (Some course takers have reported that it took them greater than 15 hours.)

Because there is so much more content provided in addition to the course (including the Yoga 4 Teens Instructor's Guide, the Yoga 4 Teens DVD, the Teaching Teenagers Yoga ebooks, the classroom videos and the webinar presentation), the hours of teen yoga teacher training and study could be 25-30 hours or even more, depending on how much time a student wants to commit.  The YogaMinded resources will be made available FOREVER with not time limits.

About The Quizzes

Each session is followed by a quiz to check learning and to engage in the preparatory process of teaching teenagers yoga.  Quiz questions vary in format including true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short explanations.  Upon completion of each quiz, answers are submitted to the course instructor who grades it and provides feedback. It is also possible to move through the course without taking the quizzes.  Having said that, the quizzes add an engaging dimension to the training.  They ask for your commitment to the course material, stimulate your brain to integrate the information, and engage course-takers to embrace their personal commitment to teen yoga.  As a result of taking the quizzes, course-takers will have more clarity in their vision as well as more comfort in their teen teaching voice.

Benefits of Yoga for Teenagers

Teenagers benefit greatly from being introduced to the self-management tools of yoga and mindful movement. It is rewarding and enjoyable to teach them PLUS they REALLY NEED US!  See our Benefits Chart for details on how you can help teens cope, prepare, motivate and thrive.

Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Applies Principles That Offer Teens the Discipline To

  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Feel better prepared and focused to learn in school
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Build and keep bones, muscles and joints healthy
  • Sleep better at night


  • Relaxation techniques
  • Coping strategies
  • Healthy responses to the unavoidable stresses in their lives
  • Positive tools to find center
  • Accept, and express their feelings appropriately

Reviews for Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Package, A Video Course, Instructor's Guide, and More for Teen Yoga Certification

  1. Mike C., MI:

    As a father, husband, runner, fumbling yogi, and principal of a center based high school for emotionally impaired students this course was exactly what I was looking for. Christy has put together a well thought and easily followed along approach to how one might begin if they were interested in teaching yoga to teens. I work with a population of students who come from backgrounds of poverty, abuse, trauma, and mental illness. For years, I have kicked around the idea of teaching students yoga at my building. Working through the course has opened my eyes, and let me see that it does not have to look like my regular practice at the yoga studio.

    Just like their academics, teenagers need to be taught yoga in a different way and this course helps to build a solid foundation for you to be able to do that. Don’t just read the notes. Watch the videos as well and be prepared to take notes as this will serve as a great manual for however you wish to begin teaching yoga to students.

  2. Ann S., AZ:

    I decided to take Christy’s Yoga 4 Teenagers Instructor Video Course after having been asked to teach yoga at my local high school. I’ve been teaching yoga for years, but have only occasionally had teens attend my classes. I was conscious of my lack of experience and skills for teaching teens, and I felt nervous and at a loss for how to prepare myself for this new experience.

    I am so grateful for this course! In it Christy fills a much-needed niche; she provides a well-organized series of lessons that cover amazing ground. She begins by addressing teen issues and traits that will possibly arise in class, and how a yoga teacher can deal with them not only effectively but in ways that increase interest, richness, and fun for the students. She gives ideas for how a yoga class for teens can be structured so as to meet the needs of the kids and help them to have a positive, uplifting, and satisfying experience on all levels. She gives many suggestions and ideas for asanas and sequences that keep teens engaged and interested. I am perhaps most impressed by her teaching of how to weave yoga philosophy into a class for teens in a way that introduces them to this world while staying pertinent to their needs.

    The course includes a lesson revolving around a video of Christy teaching to teen students. I am very inspired and moved by observing her intelligence, skill, and respect for her students as she teaches. For me, having access to this demonstration of her teaching points and principles is priceless.

    Christy very effectively teaches and demonstrates how to transform challenges into fun, how to nurture self-respect, and increase fascination with yoga in teen students.

    I was a little concerned beginning the course that the material would not be new to me. However, that was not at all the case. Even the lesson on breath awareness is so uniquely presented that it will influence and inspire how I teach all my classes. If you already have Christy’s book Yoga 4 Teens, you will find the material in the course new and uniquely presented. I can’t say enough about how extremely valuable this course has been to me. I am confident that it will provide me with material far into the future to help me continue to learn and increase my skills for teaching yoga to teens.

  3. Paula S., AZ (verified owner):

    The introductory video on teaching yoga to teens inspired me to further develop my yoga teaching skills in my work with troubled, homeless youth. I wanted to develop techniques to engage teens more fully in yoga. (Many with whom I interact have some incorrect notions about yoga which seem to propel them away from this wonderful practice which could bring such calm and integration into their being.)

    Having taken the course, I can say I enjoyed it.. It has benefited my teaching of yoga in general and inspired me to develop strategies to involve teens in yoga. I am planning to offer classes in my local community on a donation basis to encourage teens to participateas well as offer little vignettes of yoga during my weekly activity group at a youth homeless shelter.

    One helpful part of the course was observing the teen class in action. It increased my understanding a great deal to see all the ideas and concepts presented in the various sessions demonstrated.

    Thanks to this course, I now have an increased understanding of the characteristics and needs of teens and how to structure a class to better meet their developmental style,

    Thanks again for an engaging training!

  4. Angelica (verified owner):

    As a yoga teacher and a direct care worker in a residential treatment facility for at risk teens, I was excited to begin teaching to the youth in my program. As I began teaching, I ran into challenges with making yoga accessible and engaging for the teen population. That was when I searched for a reputable teen training that I could complete while I continued to work full time.

    This training was exactly what I was looking for. It is practical and accessible with multimodal tools. The combination of video discussion, reading and sample classes was very useful in making the information easily digestible. I was able to immediately integrate the ideas and tools from this program into my classes with the youth at the program. After completing the training, I feel more confident in my ability to successfully engage teenagers with yoga.

  5. Lucie Rouillard, Quebec (verified owner):

    5 stars are not even enough to show how much I liked and appreciated Christy’s course!
    I found it very complete and well-organized. With the readings (on the website AND in the book), videos, quizzes and quick feedback from the instructor, there was a good mix of many different ways to learn. I appreciated that learning to be a teen yoga teacher was presented in such a complete and interesting way. The wonderful thing about a video course like this is that one can do it at her/his own rhythm, around the activities and obligations of her/his personal life, and I enjoyed having time between each session to integrate the content.

    The Yoga 4 Teens Instructor’s Guide book proved to be EXTREMELY useful and a wonderful complement to the training.

    Also, for me, the fact that my first language is French and that I will be teaching in French might have made it a little longer as I sometimes had to translate some of the content (both in the videos and readings) in my own words in French. Right now I am into translating the “useful phrases” for my next classes.

    Thank you again for this video training, it has been an enriching journey both on a personal and professional level!

    Speaking of classes, I had my first classes Monday and it went really well. The knowledge and tools I acquired with the training really made a difference in both how I planned my classes and how I responded to the students. I am very excited :)

  6. D. Holley (verified owner):

    I loved the whole experience of the yoga for teens series. I am not a yoga teacher yet, but I this program gives me confidence that I now have an idea about where to begin with the kids.

    I retired 4 years ago after 35 years in public education in the St. Louis area. 14 years as a teacher 10 years as a middle school principal, 10 years as a high school principal.

    After several years of volunteering in the St. Louis public schools, I returned as a tutor to the middle school where I was formerly the principal. The more time that I spend in the classroom plus the more I have gotten involved in yoga, the more it has become obvious that there is a need for yoga in the middle and high schools

    I thought that all of the conversations in the online training were good….the more that I have been involved in yoga the more I realize that it is less about the asanas than other aspects of yoga. I like how the series was inclusive of many aspects of yoga.

    As I said, I enjoyed the entire experience. It was very helpful to me. I appreciate your enthusiasm for what you are doing. Good luck.


    D. Holley
    Saint Louis, MO

  7. Aurea V. (verified owner):

    I have been teaching for a little less than a year and I’m still finding my confidence as a new teacher. Through my experience teaching at the high school, I realized how I really need to adjust my teaching style as teen students are quite different than adult yoga students.

    Your training videos have been very helpful and I truly appreciate all of the fun teaching tools you share. Specifically, I appreciate how you show teaching the poses to really help teens gain more awareness of their bodies while also engaging them in a really fun way.

    Aurea V.
    Santa Ana, CA

  8. Fran:

    I have been personally practicing and teaching yoga to teens in my MS and HS classrooms for 15 years. Once I retired, I felt that I should have some type of professional yoga training in order to continue to teach teen yoga classes. One of my yoga teachers gave me Christy’s website: Yoga 4 Teens and after researching her comprehensive training program I decided it was the right for me.

    Whether you are new to the idea of teaching teens yoga or have already been teaching teen yoga and would like to improve your knowledge and instruction yoga practices, Yoga 4 Teens is a great choice. The program is self- paced and once purchased, it is yours to return to whenever you like. Each of the 9 Instructional Sessions includes web-based content followed by a video that not only reinforces the content, but provides insight from practicing teen yoga teachers. At the end of each session there is a comprehensive quiz that once submitted, is personally graded by Christy and returned to you with personal feedback.

    Yoga 4 Teens provides wealth of resources - 3 instructional e-books along with numerous free downloads, webinars, and instructional and enrichment videos; covering everything from philosophy, to the practicalities of a successful classroom, to the teaching yoga poses; all of which help you to create a welcoming, safe and fun teen yoga classroom. Christy also provides her Yoga 4 Teens Logo for your own personal use.

    Most important is the personal interest that Christy takes in each participant. She is always available for an email conversation. She encourages and enjoys communicating with her program participants.

    Upon completion of this training program I am confident that I am a better Teen Yoga instructor and I am excited to put my new knowledge to work!

    Fran - Teen Yoga Instructor 15 years

  9. Your course is really great. I felt I learned already so much and not even being half way through.

    I have never done an online course before as I always thought in person trainings are more valuable but with the videos you included and all the material I really don’t feel I am missing anything.

    Austin, Texas

  10. Michelle S.:

    I was asked to sub teen yoga classes for a competitive swim team. Having teen swimmers myself, I jumped at the opportunity to share my passion of yoga with this generation. Before the class, I saw Yogaminded’s ad for teen teacher training in Yoga Journal and immediately signed up.

    The videos, lessons and feedback from quizzes totally prepared me for the difference of teaching teens versus adults. The training was invaluable in building my confidence and skill set for teaching this enthusiastic and sensitive group of kids. Thank you Christy!

    Sammamish, WA

  11. Sara M.:

    The Yogaminded Yoga 4 Teens Online Training is an excellent course for anyone with the desire to teach yoga to teenagers. I enjoyed the format of the program and found the lessons easy to follow, understand, and manage. The material was thorough and well organized, and I not only learned so much about teaching yoga specifically, but also how to interact with teenagers, how their minds work, what they like and don't like, and how to be a positive and encouraging light in their lives. Overall this course was an extremely positive experience. Christy is an incredibly experienced and knowledgable teacher. She was was quick to grade the quizzes and provided correspondence and feedback throughout the course which I loved and appreciated. The course provides a wealth of resources, my favorite being the enormous manual which will now be my teaching Bible! I feel very prepared to share my love for yoga with teenagers. Thank you!

    Irvine, CA

  12. Crystal W.:

    I am a yoga teacher and Behavior Therapist that works primarily with children with development disabilities. I use deep breathing techniques with my clients as part of my private practice, but I began to see a disparity between what my clients were feeling and how they were able to effectively communicate those feelings to others. This often resulted in depressive-like symptoms and a good deal of anxiety. I thought that yoga could be a great tool for teens to use to check back in with themselves and find some clarity.

    After Christy's training I feel so empowered to offer this tool to my clients. I think that they will thrive with the new-found awareness that only yoga can bring. The tools in this training are not only practical, but effective! As we get to see firsthand!

    As a mother to two young children it took me a considerable amount of time to finish this training, but Christy's self-paced program and her can-do attitude and support along the way really made it easy to get through what I was able to, without feeling badly that I couldn't complete it all in a couple months time. I'm ready to take what I've learned to my clients and share the profound affects of yoga with my teens!

    Thanks Christy!!!!

    I truly enjoyed this course!!!

    Laurel, MD

  13. Ginger B.:

    I have my 95hr kids certification and will be finishing my 300YTT soon. I have taught many classes with children and tweens, also adult classes that included teens. I found your website from a google search and I was impressed with everything you had to offer. Clearly I have not been disappointed—it exceeded my expectations!

    I now understand how this age group needs their own classes for so many reasons and how much more successful they were in their own class and their level of interest.

    Since taking your training, I have taught two teen classes and I'm blown away with how well everything you have taught me works and how you say in the training what WILL happen and I have observed so much that did. You are so on point!

    I also love that you include quizzes at the end of every session and take the time to give feedback. It really helps me go back over the info, which helps me remember. I love your feedback! And, I will be recommending this course to anyone who wants to become teen certified.

    I cannot thank you enough for caring so much and providing this program.

  14. Natalie T.:

    When I was looking for help with my upcoming Teen Yoga class, I was initially looking for sequences and poses that teens would like. I came across YogaMinded’s website and browsed the content that was offered in the online training course. It quickly became apparent to me that, teaching the Teen population, was not all about the fun poses and sequencing, but more about the connection that we make with our students – the manner in how we approach and teach them – how we can uplift them and help them grow during a stressful and challenging time of their lives and the fantastic benefits that yoga brings to this generation. I really enjoyed Christy’s teaching style, the content that was included in the course and the manner in which it was taught. By the end of the course, I felt I had a very comprehensive understanding of how to bring yoga to the teen population, and even more so, how IMPORTANT it is that we, as yoga teachers, promote yoga to this age group.

    All of the additional content provided with the course is well thought out and compliments the teaching. The book is a fabulous resource to keep, and I know that I will be referring back to this many times in my teaching – whether to teens or adults!

    I highly recommend that anyone wanting to expand their teaching to include the teen population, take this online course. Thank you Christy for putting together such an informative, comprehensive and enjoyable course.

    Houston, TX

  15. Hazel M.:

    I have been teaching adult Iyengar yoga classes for a number of years and a few years ago I ran a school block for 14-15 year old girls. With no direct teen experience, I struggled to relate to the girls and to adjust my adult teaching methods to suit a teen class. In retrospect, I realise I didn’t have a framework so was basically making it up as I went along. After the block I decided to leave teen yoga for others to do.

    When I saw Christy’s course advertised, it seemed to cover all the areas where I’d lacked confidence. I am so glad I signed up. I recently started teaching teens again and it has been a joy instead of a dread. I feel I now do have a clear framework to work to along with great resources and class plans. I feel prepared which is a wonderful feeling and the classes I’ve done, based on all the course work, have gone really well. This is an excellent course, I cannot recommend it enough for many reasons but here are the main ones:

    • The way the course is set up makes it very easy to access and navigate, great if like me you are not a computer kid.
    • The course materials are excellent. The manual in itself is a great resource for all yoga teachers and contains a huge amount of information. There is excellent guidance on not only the physical practice but also how to teach yoga philosophy, relaxation and breath work in a teen friendly way. I’ve found the course has also helped me simplify my adult teaching.
    • The 8 sections are very manageable. The online information and discussion videos are a good method of letting the lessons sink in. The end of lesson quizzes are fun and clearly designed to make you think and do some re-reading.
    • The end video of Christy doing a class and the post class discussions are very helpful. Her instructions are simple, clear and the class conveys all the lessons contained in the course. It is lovely to see how Christy relates to the students directly, with respect and in a fun way.
    • Complete lesson plans in the manual and lots of other online videos of other teen classes are included.
    • Last but not least, a cool yoga minded T shirt!

    Thanks Christy for all the work you’ve obviously put into this course and for showing me I don’t have to fear teen yoga!